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Our partners, leaders, and inspirations. These are the people and organizations that make us proud and give us life.


"Our equipment is old and new, tried and true, and can realize any sound you can think of."

-Paul Smith, Founder


Producer and engineer known for her work with Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers… but there’s a whole lot more to Sylvia than just music…

Check out this gal's artwork and published books.  Recording Unhinged should be sitting in the lounge of every studio on the planet.  Her long list of luminous friends share their recording inspirations, techniques and craziness.  Sylvia is wicked talented and approaches every arrangement with boundless energy and creativity.  She is my production muse and friend.

Blue Record

MWTM week long seminars have become legendary.  The top producers and mixers in the biz hang with you for a week and open their boxes of secrets, guiding you through their processes and inspiring the next waves of inspired mixing artists.


A 4 piece rock back consisting of Bret Alexander, Paul Smith, and Ron Simasek (all formerly of The Badlees) and Aaron Fink(formerly of Breaking Benjamin). Leaning on the decades of touring experience and solid, old school songwriting chops,  the band blends elements of Rock, Blues, and Americana into a sound reminiscent of The Black Crowes, Govt. Mule, The Black Keys, and Tom Petty. Proper rock and roll.


 A singer/songwriter/producer based in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  His career began as a studio engineer in the late '80s. Here he met the members of what would become the band The Badlees.


A multi-faceted recording studio located in Nashville, TN. Cameron Henry is the vinyl mastering engineer and was the previous owner of our MCI 428b console.  


Glen Coleman has an incredible background in audio electronics.  He worked for years on MCI consoles and tape machines for MCI and Atlantic Records.  His new CA500 EQ is a dead on version of MCI's 500 series console EQ and get used daily in our control room.

Matt McGlynn has done his homework.  Over the years he has reverse engineered nearly every kind of mic available resulting in Roswell Pro Audio delivering stunning sounding mics to the masses.  We use a Delphos II nearly every day and Mini K47s end up on every drum recording.

My band rented a couple of the very first Distressors at Bearsville Studios in the mid 90s.  Dave Derr had created a classic that is in every major studio to this day.  We use Mike-Es and the Arouser plug-in every day.  Gold.

Warm has changed the landscape of what is possible to own in a budget minded studio.  We use Warm Pultec program EQs and our friend Sylvia Massy has used Warm's 47 and 251 mics on a big band project in 2019.  They are scary close to the originals and cost a fraction of the price.  

Innovative Lo-Fi mic designs that find their way into many recordings.  Mark Pirro creates some of the most beautiful looking and sounding mics ever!  His use of acoustic baffles and carbon elements create instant vibe.

Victor Bova is a die hard MCI fan and has done the bonkers thing of creating a discreet op amp for the 400 series.  Our MCI 428b console has been injected with a bunch of these lovely devices.  If Trident and Neve had a baby, This MCI would be it's beautiful offspring.

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